Man Na is not just another devotional.
Each day, the typical devotional offers a passage, hopes it inspires, and waits for us to return for another dose of motivation. When the next day arrives, God is expected to feed us with more manna once again. Man Na, on the other hand, has a secret ingredient that not only fills us up, but creates lasting fulfillment.

What is its secret?
Salt. Man Na recognizes we are not only called to fill ourselves, but are designed to be salt for others through service, kindness, forgiveness, friendship, humility, gratitude, happiness, and love. This devotional helps us stop focusing inward and start concentrating on others throughout the day. By providing readers with God’s bread and his desire for us to be salt for others, ManNa offers what other devotionals do not. So, grab your shaker and get ready to become what God intended.

Man Na: A Daily Guide to Becoming the Salt God Intended

This is one of the most actionable devotionals that I have ever come across. Do not get me wrong I love warm fuzzies just as much as the next person, however this book puts your foot on the path that God has you on. It may not make things easy but it makes them possible. Action steps give us assurance of His presence and power in our lives. A Must Read and a Must Have! I recommend this book and have given to many friends, family and others.

Brett H

Man Na: A Daily Guide to Becoming the Salt God Intended

The practice of daily Christian devotions with God is necessary for the development of one’s spiritual life and the preservation of a personal relationship with Christ. “Man Na: A Daily Guide to Becoming the Salt God Intended” by John J. Murray Jr. provides some tips for cultivating a meaningful quiet time with God, which can help you get more out of your daily Christian devotional time spent with him. The reader is given food for thought via the inclusion of a verse from the Bible once every week, together with daily comments on how the scripture should be interpreted and put into practice, and questions that are thought-provoking and based on the story. Recommended.


Man Na: A Daily Guide to Becoming the Salt God Intended

Just as the preface indicates, “Man Na: A Daily Guide to Becoming the Salt God Intended” is not just another devotional. The author John J. Murray Jr., proposes that we should be better people, not only for ourselves, but also for others. I found this book very interesting, because it is different from others. I am only going to make a constructive criticism, and it is that I would have liked to have had a space at the end of each day to make notes. Beyond that, I really liked it and I agree with the author for transmitting God’s message to us and being salt for others.


Man Na: A Daily Guide to Becoming the Salt God Intended

Man Na is a conventional guide targeted towards Jesus’ followers to stop focusing inwards, and start concentrating on others throughout the day. It provides a series of readings with gods bread, and his desires for us to be salt for others. The book goes on and on about how we should be devotional to ourselves, and others so we can be happy, have motivation in hand, and have faith in ourselves, to have peace in our hearts. I thought the book was a little bit heavy in terms of reading because of the vocabulary and understanding of the texts. However, if you’re familiar with gods bread, this is an ideal book for you.

Lucia Maranghello

Man Na: A Daily Guide to Becoming the Salt God Intended

Man Na is a daily devotional that not only feeds your mind but also your spiritual knowledge. Manna as defined in the bible is the substance miraculously supplied as food to the Israelites in the wilderness. I remember having daily devotionals in college and I can say that I enjoy reading through this one a lot. The author was very forthcoming with his take on each passage and how he has related it to his life. I find it entertaining how the author ends each day with a reflective question that would make you dig deep in yourself what god is trying to tell us. I was able to easily relate to each week. I would continue to follow this devotional; it’s really helping my soul.


Man Na: A Daily Guide to Becoming the Salt God Intended

I have come to expect great things from the author, and once again he hit the mark. I have actually never read a daily devotional before, and the way I am reading this book is probably a bit unconventional but it works for me. I have a difficult time keeping up with the daily reading, too much going on day to day so I like to read a week at a time or so. The scripture and stories that support the daily readings for the week, for me, when read all at once really help tie the message all together especially since I have a difficult time reading it every day. Also, some days I feel like I am inspiring and some days I feel like I need to be inspired. Reading a week at a time arms me with the message and perspective I need to meet both situations head on. I appreciate the author’s recognition and message that not only do you always need to draw your strength from God, put Him first and don’t let other things in your life take the place of God’s love, but sometimes you need help from others to do this and sometimes you need to help other to do this. What greater gift is there than to help someone else to be closer to God, AND having the humility and vulnerability to accept help to be closer to God. I certainly identify with both of these situations and I am excited to see what new stories, scriptures, advice, perspectives and strategies for helping others and myself stay close to God are in the rest of this wonderful book.

K Grillo

Man Na: A Daily Guide to Becoming the Salt God Intended

An inspirational read with a dose of spiritual guidance. Man Na: A Daily Guide to Becoming the Salt God Intended by John J. Murray Jr. tells us about our special role to the people around us that God wants us to have. In this book I was able to bring myself closer to God once again. It is such a gentle reminder to us that we can make a huge difference to the people around us by inspiring them in a spiritual way. I love that the book especially highlighted biblical scripts and how they relate to us on a daily basis. I can tell that this was a challenging book to write for John J. Murray but in the end, it was worth it because the book was sensible and it gives so much motivation to be kind, positive, and gentle to not just to the people you surround yourself with but also to yourself.

Pearl A.

Man Na: A Daily Guide to Becoming the Salt God Intended

I bought this book the day it came out. I am most impressed with the format. The author starts each week by telling a story, and asks thought-provoking questions each day of the week based on the story. I already use two devotionals on a daily basis and this is my third. It’s different from the others and is fast becoming my favorite. Already bought a few more copies as Christmas gift for family and friends. Great Devotional!!

Aki Jackson

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